Meet the Team!

Chief Executive Officer, Hartley

Hartley is an undergraduate student attending McMaster University for Life Sciences and Business. From product design and creation to marketing and shipping to customer support and more, Hartley is the face behind the business. Since the Summer of 2020, Hartley has been hard at work building Pet Friends Official from the ground up and delivering premium products that pet parents love! Hartley's loving girlfriend also helps him out, especially when it comes to writing with legible handwriting! Feel free to chat with Hartley on Instagram in our DMs for more on the business or any customer-related needs!


Chief Barketing Officer, Zoey

Zoey A.K.A Zozo, is a cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel and Poodle mix) and loves to model! Zoey is the inspiration for PetFO and enjoys being the first to test all PetFO products! She is often found napping on the job but claims to be brainstorming new product ideas. Zoey is known in the office for her sass but is always willing to help (...with a few of her favourite treats)! You can find Zoey on our feed sporting some of her favourite bandanas and harnesses!


Chief Morale Officer, Murphy

Murphy A.K.A Smurph or Murph, is a Havanese who loves to play! Murphy brings his youthful energy to the team and is responsible for ensuring the rest of the team is in high spirits. Murph is known for his iconic eyebrows and Elvis Presley sideburns, and lately, his love for chicken soup! When he's not playing with his friends or going on walks, he provides emotional support in the form of cuddles! Be on the lookout for Murph in some of his favourite bandanas on our Instagram!


Chief Fur-nancial Officer, Ellie

Ellie A.K.A El, is a Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever and Poodle mix) who loves making new friends! Ellie is a vocal leader and is always ready to share some new ideas and insights. Ellie is the latest recipient of the very prestigious "best singing voice" award. Ellie is known for being a little too excited to see people and occasionally kissing with her teeth. Like her fellow team members, Ellie also loves to model in her PetFO products and enjoys getting to be one of the firsts to try new Pet Friends Official products! Keep your eyes peeled on our feed for more pics of Ellie and her show-stopping poses!