Reversible Print (Add-on)

Reversible Print (Add-on)

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Make your summer bandana more unique by making it reversible with another one of our summer designs! 

To customize your bandana:

1. Select the summer bandana you would like to make reversible with another design.

2. Select the design you would like to use on the reverse side.


1. This add-on cannot be paired with another reversible add-on. It can only be paired with a bandana from the Summer Collection. You cannot use an add-on with another add-on*.

2. All bandanas from our Summer Collection are made with a reversible solid quilted cotton fabric, this add-on is an alternative. This add-on pairs two of our summer designs in one bandana.

3. The Summer Collection and Reversible Print (Add-on) are made with 100% eco-friendly cotton. Please refer to a bandana page from our summer collection for more information on care and use instructions.



*Purchase of the Reversible Print (Add-on) is exclusive to bandanas from our summer collection.